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What is Slabjacking?

Slabjacking Concrete Foundations

Slabjacking (or mudjacking) is one of the methods used lift or level sunken concrete. Slabjacking is used to level concrete sidewalks, patios, home foundations, pool decks, and garage floors. The cost of slabjacking varies from project to project.

In order to repair the slab, holes are drilled into the sinking concrete slab. Then, the contractor uses special equipment to pump a mixture of cement, sand, fly ash, water, and other additives into the holes. This mixture expands and helps to raise the slab back into its original position.

Drilling the Holes. The size and placement of the holes will depend on the severity of the sinking. The thicker the concrete slab, the farther away the holes should be placed from each other. For larger slabs, the holes are typically placed in a triangular pattern.

Pumping the mixture. Once the holes are drilled, the cement mixture is pumped in them with a hose. This creates pressure that raises the concrete back into place. The amount of material needed will depend on the severity of the sinking.

Cleanup. Once the holes are filled completely, any excess mixture is wiped away. The holes in the slab are then patched with a concrete mixture. You can resume using the slab almost immediately once the project is completed.

Benefits of Slabjacking:

1. The slab stops sinking.

2. It’s cheaper than replacing the entire foundation.

3. There are no weather restrictions. It can be done any time of year.

4. The project timeline is very short. It can be completed in less than a day and you can resume using the area almost immediately.

5. Slabjacking does not typically disrupt the surrounding area.

What about Foam Jacking?

Foam jacking is another method of leveling sunken concrete slabs. Similar to slabjacking, tiny holes are drilled into the sinking concrete slab. Then, a two-component polyurethane (similar to spray foam insulation) is injected into the holes. When the two components interact, they expand and harden. This helps to raise the level of the slab to its original position. Foam jacking (or foam injection concrete repair) tends to be better for indoor projects, like foundations, because it is more precise and less disruptive to the surrounding area.

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